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Therapeutic Recreation

We believe your healing process should take place while doing purposeful activities that you enjoy.  From sports to crafts and everything in between.  We will help you find meaningful ways to express your emotions as well as achieve your physical goals.

A foot on top of a skateboard next to a foot on top of a soccer ball
2 people Holding both Hands across a table

Trauma Breakthrough

Trauma is unique to every individual and so will their recovery be.  Your therapy can include CBT, TIR, Animal Therapy, Substance Use Recovery and/or Raindrop Massage.  We will customize a program based on your personal needs. 

Raindrop Technique

Using carefully selected pure essential oils and targeted touch, this technique can help balance, align, rejuvenate and relax the body and mind. 

a woman laying face down on a massage table with an exposed back while practitioner applies drops of essential oil down her spine.