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Melissa Tar's Publications

As a skilled author, Melissa has a passion to inspire, influence, and impact others. She loves writing stories that can be insightful and expressive, often around themes of mental health, compassion, inner strength, and overcoming adversity. 

The Brave Little Brown Bear

Everyone has a fear of something, even a big brave brown bear. Come join in this beautifully illustrated journey as a bear cub learns the true value of compassion, bravery, companionship, courage, and inner strength. Find yourself rooting for the cub as he embraces the fury of the storm and overcomes his own fears...

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Brave Brown Bear.jpg

Journey To Your Self

Guest Author -Chapter

Journey to Your Self - How to Heal from Trauma begins with the author's own experience of child molestation, sexual assault, bullying, and rape, the moment she hit rock bottom and from there on out successfully healed her trauma and transformed her life. you will be taken on a journey through the mysteries of trauma, and the effects it can have on your body, mind, and spirit. Author Sandra Cooze proves that releasing intense trauma is possible, by sharing her clients' amazing stories of healing and transformation. 

As a guest writer, Melissa Tar's chapter shares her insight into healing through the use of Therapeutic Recreation. 

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